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Burial Plots (Purchase Grave)

Single Grave Purchase $1,300.

Each Additional Grave $1,100.
Interments—(Open Grave)

Full Interment M/F - $1,800. ($150. 1/2 hr after 2pm)

Saturday $2,200. ($150. 1/2 hr after 1pm)

Sunday (Up to Discretion of Staff)

Cremation M/F - $800. ($150. 1/2hr after 2pm)

Cremation Saturday $950. ($150. 1/2 hr after 1pm)

Disinterment - Contact Staff


$1.25 per square inch.

-Military Marker VA Flat— $100.00

Other Info

- Sale of Personally owned plots to another individual is allowed however a Transfer of Deed Ownership fee applies of —$90.00

- Infants (Under 1 Yr Old ) - $0.00

-All Grave prices include perpetual care forever.

- Concrete Vault included in the price of Cremation Interment.

-All burials are single depth. Each grave can contain 1 full interment and 2 cremations or 3 cremations. Approved liner / container is required.

- Military persons killed during active military combat at the family’s request, will be given a free burial plot, free interment and free foundation for Military Marker.

- Prices subject to change.

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